France fil, Innovation since 1954


R&D, prototyping, manufacturing, France fil has chosen to manage all its processes internally, including metal surface treatment, one of the best on the market.

To lead the market and serve our customers best, France Fil keeps a fully integrated organisation to ensure the QUALITY and the SAFETY of its products in the value chain of our clients: High level of manufacturing execution, quality in customer relationship (compliance with delivery times, responsiveness at all times...) as well as safety in handling our products (ergonomic products, coated exclusively with Chrome 3).

Through its R&D department and its integrated engineering office, the company designs and develops innovative and effective solutions in a trustworthy partnership .You imagine your solution and France Fil make it real.

With a turnover of more than 12 M€. and a team of 100 employees, France fil is serving its products in over 40 countries in key sectors such as food, wine and retail business as well as automotive industries.